A choice of smiley faces gives the respondent a quick and easy way to rate your service, track issues and give you feedback. By making it really simple for your customers to respond you can improve customer satisfaction, increase profitablity and grow your customer loyalty.


Get to the Heart of the Matter with our Smart Feedback Reporting


Capture feedback and give your customers a voice using our smart real-time solutions

  • Engaging surveys that are fun to complete
  • Feedback solutions that are accessible for all ages and abilities
  • Capture perceptions at the point of interaction
  • Multi-channel, blended approach to maximise responses
  • ‘Always-on’, real-time feedback
  • Advanced survey logic
  • Wireless or secure 3G connection


Intelligent Analysis to give you smart insights to transform service

  • Access your results 24/7 through our configurable dashboards
  • Pinpoint issues in real-time using our live alerts
  • Address and resolve service issues straight away
  • Categorise, quantify and analyse open-ended responses at the click of a button


Improve customer happiness, employee wellbeing and your bottom line

  • Make smarter decisions and quickly prioritise improvements that will have the greatest impact
  • Get the right insights to the right people to drive business decisions
  • Know what changes are having most effect by measuring and verifying improvements
  • Harness the power of your people’s ideas
  • Gain a return on investment through happy customers and committed employees
  • Watch your bottom line grow

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