So you have a new product that needs to be sold into the informal trade, but you are not sure whether this will be accepted or not?

You need to do research first.

Steps to follow:

Employ the right reps for the market you are going into. For the Spaza stores in W. Cape, often Somalians are your best bet.

Find the stores you need to sell into. Then ensure the company you work with has the tools to map those stores onto any map, any country and cluster them, so that your reps know where they need to go, on which days.

Once you have your stores sorted, you are now ready to sell!!!!

Ensure your digital reporting system is state of the art, can upload photos, scan bar codes, take a signature, have GPS co-ordinates, time and date can be used on a smart phone or tablet– it must be “real time”.

Sometimes with “real time” a problem could be that too much data is consumed, so your whole audit report now needs to be an app, so that data is not wasted, and the details can be uploaded later when in a Wi-Fi area.


Use a company you can work with, who you trust and will go out into the field with you to test the app in a real live situation.

Use a company who can interpret all the data, and give you daily reports, so that you are on top of your game.

Can you phone your service provider on weekends, in the evenings? Do you have that sort of relationship where you know the service provider of your sales auditing tool understands your business?


All these questions are important.

Surveway can handle the most complex field sales reporting feedback system, and Surveway understand the mass market.


If you want to find out more call us on 011 568 0982 to arrange an informal discussion on how best to go about your own specific situation.

Somali trader in SA

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