Collect feedback using the SurvewayApp on your tablet or Cell-Phone, even offline.

Featuring a stand, a tablet and our unique software, Surveway Solutions include everything you need to start gathering valuable customer/client/employee feedback.

Understand and Delight Your Customers

With online competition, physical retailers must up their game when it comes to customer satisfaction. Get the experience right, and your shoppers will keep coming back for more.

Put A Smile On Your Customers’ Faces

Survewayapp’s smiley feedback terminals are easy to set up, allowing your customers to answer quick, focussed and thoughtfully designed questions in airports, shopping centres, hospitals, workplaces and other high-traffic places.



Surveys That Shoppers Want To Complete

Every day in the malls of South Africa, thousands of shoppers enter stores to browse, but leave without feeding back on their visit. Where feedback is requested, till-receipt surveys make the customer do all the legwork – and ask closed, generic questions that frustrate more than engage.

Surveway App is different – it asks questions shoppers want to answer, and gives retailers real-time insights on real experiences.

Simple, Hassle-Free Surveys Instore

By positioning a survey terminal by the checkout or store exit, customers and non-customers can share their feedback while it’s still top of mind.

And, by making the process easy and engaging, using smiley-face options or a choice of other question types, your shoppers are more likely to respond.

Understand What Your Customers Love, and What Frustrates Them

Surveway App tells you what your shopper base is thinking, delivering timely insights that you can use to fix issues and improve service levels.

By encouraging customers to feedback instore, they’re more likely to feel positive about your brand – and less likely to share frustrations online.

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